The Game Behind the Mint..What Is Resurgence?!

2 min readAug 19, 2022
San Francisco — 1000 years after the world ended

We have everything you need to know about Resurgence to get you fully up to speed ahead of this week’s Mint (24th August 2022). Here’s some highlights, content snippets and information on this amazing project and the team behind it.

Minting Teaser Reveal Film:

Created by the wonderful team at Emergent and POD London, this teaser reveal gives you a few hints about the Resurgence story and has a few shots of Gen 0 Cryotag in there too!

Concept Art

We are blessed with an incredible creative team of artists including Johnny Mustafa and Nikki Rose who created some of these stunning visuals.

Concept Visuals— living with the end of the world

Deep Dive into Resurgence:

Here’s a collection of recent posts about the game for you to dig deep into:
Your Say in the Game; How DAO Structures Are Transforming Ownership and Rewards
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A Weird Familiarity — Designing a World Post Humankind
Authentic, traceable, digital ownership; NFTs and what they mean for Resurgence players
Resurgence Launches an Alternate Reality Game The End, Here is What it Means
“Horror is an emotion… and writing is how I get my fears and darkness out”

Kwebbelkop interview @ NFT NYC

At NFT NYC we were recently interviewed by our fave gamer and influencer, Kwebbelkop, watch it here:

Unboxing Video — Nico Balthazar:

Setting the scene, these Influencer Survival Kits have been landing on people’s doorsteps.

Meet the team — Youtube video

Our CEO Ian Hambleton talks about the Resurgence team and their pedigree in games.




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