Resurgence Launches an Alternate Reality Game The End, Here is What it Means

4 min readJul 13, 2022


With our ‘game first’ philosophy, player experience is paramount. It’s at the heart of everything we do. A critical aspect of this — and one we want to tell you about — is how we pull players into the world of Resurgence. Capturing their imagination immediately.

Today we launched an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) called The End. It’s the prologue to Resurgence and introduces the key characters, politics and setting that will feed the game development.

To execute our final vision for the first AAA web 3, it will take time. So in the build up, we want to bring the gamer along with us, and provide super dynamic experiences that will contribute to the final game. For this reason, we think our ARG is one of the many things that sets us apart from other crypto gaming projects. It will give the gamer deep insight into Resurgence lore, all the while leading them through an exciting and unpredictable journey full of twists and turns.

So what exactly is an ARG and why is it such a powerful storytelling entry point into a brand new gaming franchise?

An alternate reality game (ARG) is a form of multi-platform storytelling across a network of real world platforms.

It’s almost like hiding fiction in plain sight. So, we use real world channels, like websites and social media to tell a fictional story. And by doing so, we invite audiences into that story and allow them to interact with some of the characters and — essentially — become part of the story, propelling the narrative.

A great example of this goes all the way back to the launch of Halo 2, where a teaser trailer swapped out the XBOX URL for a URL that said ‘I love bees’. Immediately there was huge hype. It served as a real world experience and a viral marketing campaign. The titular website had players solving puzzles to reveal more of the backstory. More than 3m people viewed the site over three months.

It gave the audience who were excited about the story a chance to be part of it, to go deep in and get real value.

Our ARG is important and unique because we’re building the world of Resurgence and the game of Resurgence. We want to share that world with players and involve them from the outset. We can’t say too much, but the ARG is essentially the journey of how we get to the world of Resurgence.

Many crypto games promise a fully fledged ecosystem in a year and that’s simply not possible, especially considering the quality execution that we are committed to. With the ARG we are starting to build the world for Resurgence, leading the gamer on the journey while the final game is being built. This means we are prioritising storytelling and in-game experience!

The End is set in the future, when the climate crisis has gone past the point of no return. It’s an opportunity to see crises unfold and how humanity deals with that.

We’re creating a series of digital channels that interconnect. We’re also bringing characters into the real world. It’s going to be intriguing and hugely exciting. So get ready!

It’s important for us, because we are committed to getting players excited and compelled to play. The ARG will start building the narrative and the lore of the game. There are specific things for players to do, and discover, as well as a limited number of Gen 0 Cryotag NFTs to be won! And the knowledge and experience gleaned will ultimately prove extremely valuable as players move to the main game MMO.

And that’s the thing about great gaming experiences, it’s completely immersive. Players want to feel that transformation and be somewhere and — often — someone else. It’s a first hand journey through an epic story. We can’t wait!

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