A Weird Familiarity — Designing a World Post Humankind

4 min readJun 24, 2022


A game first philosophy means delivering the most absorbing, immersive and transformative experiences for gamers.

And the design of our games play a huge role in this.

Resurgence is rich in intrigue and fascination, set in the post apocalypse, it re-imagines a world that is both surreal and familiar. And it promises to pull players in.

Our inspiration when creating the ‘lore’ around Resurgence is what the world would look like post humankind.

The principles of the design come from asking ourselves these questions.

What happens when we completely remove 21st century humans after an ecological disaster? How would the world recover and what would that look like? Then, what happens when we place those humans back into the world?

In building the aesthetic, we looked at evolution and certain natural occurrences, including a pandemic that created a new way of living that everyone got used to. Where we saw glimpses of what could happen when humans are absent and nature evolves.

We looked at historical events such as Chernobyl, and the animals that survived, seemingly against all odds. We researched what mutations might occur through an ecological disaster and how that might play out.

We considered what might happen when we remove all machinery and maintenance systems. What would happen to power stations and tower blocks when they decompose and — ultimately — vegetation takes over.

A world where animals could evolve and move to unfamiliar places. The climate has changed and the vegetation is entirely different. And those who enter don’t know what’s safe to eat, or who and what these animals are.

But, we did ensure these fantastic projections were grounded in research. We used ecological websites to see what would happen when sea levels rise by one, five and twenty meters and the ice caps melt.

Because, despite the drastic changes of this post-apocalyptic future, a lot of what we’re doing is creating something believable. If you were to wake up in London and it’s flooded, it would feel alien yet weirdly familiar at the same time.

And it’s that paradox which inspires the design.

For us, there is a conflict between the beauty of this earth, where nature has taken over and the sinister aspects of an uninhabited world that you can no longer navigate.

We feel like this should be a beautiful, rich world rather than a dark and dank one. The idea is to make the future bright, colourful and full of life! With an almost utopian appearance.

And in that sense, the post-apocalyptic aesthetic is extremely innovative.

It celebrates the stunning nature of regions of thick vegetation and even the beauty of deserted and desert regions, which at the same time are incredibly dangerous.

Ultimately, the visuals are vibrant and bold, with attention to detail that keep them believable.

The environments span across the world, but usually have a unique spin on the climate of a real world location, such as a frozen Sydney or a desert San Francisco.

Players will be enticed to explore a new take on the post apocalyptic earth, with a design based on rich lore, with many obstacles, both human and creature to overcome. They will interact with interesting tech and locations.

This is important as the post-apocalyptic market is usually divided between something very dark or a 50 year advancement of our current world.

Resurgence offers something truly fresh and interesting. Which, above all, promises to keep players coming back for more.

We can’t wait to invite you in!

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