Authentic, traceable, digital ownership; NFTs and what they mean for Resurgence players

3 min readJun 27, 2022

Emergent Games’ ambition is to make the best Web 3 games out there, and pull in 2.7 billion gamers. Our ‘game first’ philosophy means anyone can play a brilliant AAA MMO game, but some can ‘choose to earn’ through the acquisition of NFTs (which stands for non fungible tokens).

And while we’ve made clear they are not essential for a tremendous gaming experience, they do bring something incredibly exciting and extremely rewarding for Resurgence players.

Here we want to tell you a bit more about them.

So, what are NFTs?

We think of an NFT as a container, into which anything can be programmed such as images and digital experiences. The term non fungible actually means that the token is unique, unable to be copied and replicated. So you can’t exchange one NFT for another and they don’t equal the same thing.

So, the real value of NFTs is that they solve a lot of the problems around digital ownership. The technology itself enables proof of ownership and authenticity of these digital items. And that’s just not been possible before.

So these items could be gaming assets, or art images, or tickets. They can be just about anything. They can even point to things offline.

In essence, everything in our life is non-fungible because we attach meaning to things we own. They may have special memories or serve a purpose that can’t be repeated.

And it’s the same with NFTs; if I own a certain land plot in the game, another land plot might be similar, but they are not exactly the same. I can prove — without doubt — the uniqueness and ownership of my particular land plot.

So what about NFTs in Resurgence?

Through the first NFT drop, we are offering a way for players to be at the framework level of the game, becoming a community member and a game builder. They really represent players’ support for the game.

We see this first generation as central NFTs within the entire ecosystem. As a supporter of, and witness to, an incredible game being built, this will be the player’s ticket in. This NFT will be something that is pivotal for the entire game going forward. We can’t say too much but we are hoping to drive value in ways never seen before! Making sure we are genuinely rewarding our early supporters.

The NFTs have a utility and purpose, and the design of them reflects that. Lots of NFTs look cool but don’t necessarily achieve much. The NFT can open, and has moving parts as well as technology such as processor and a SIM card slot. It looks purposeful and relatable. People know and recognise the dog tag shape as well as features such as a USB port.

We’ve tried to give them visual appeal for both gaming and crypto audiences.

Beyond what they look like physically, they also reflect the experience, and add to the storytelling and lore of Resurgence.

There’s even a countdown clock that contributes to the feeling of stress and tension within the game, the idea that time is running out.

On that subject, time is running out! The ARG prologue to Resurgence — The End — launches on 29th June. Sign up now to find out more and be in with a chance to access our first exclusive NFT drop.

And stay tuned here for more on Resurgence updates.

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