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3 min readJun 9, 2022


We’ve talked a lot about our ‘game first’ philosophy, where player experience will always come first. Whether players are acquiring NFTs, or simply playing for fun, our aim is to consistently deliver thrilling, intriguing and engaging games.

And we have pledged to be open with you about how we plan to do this.

So, here we want to talk about the role of our gaming community, and how important this is to us for our first game Resurgence, set in future post-apocalyptic earth.

We are looking to build a vibrant community filled with real people. We want them to get excited, because they will be living and breathing the world of Resurgence.

An active and responsive community is always at the heart of any great MMO role playing game, and so will be front and center of our development efforts with Resurgence, pre and post launch.

Firstly, we intend to be completely open through our social media channels (Discord, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Medium).

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing early concepts to collect feedback. We have an extensive range of community activities and programs lined up throughout the project. For example, we’re setting up a creators program to support and celebrate people that create content around Resurgence.

We’ll be hosting Twitter ‘spaces’ where people can join and talk to the development team. We’ll be publishing regular development diaries, giving players a peek behind the scenes. We’ll also be demystifying the world of blockchain.

In addition, we have an official Discord which will be the main hub for the community and developers to virtually hang out with each other!

We intend to break down the traditional barriers between studio and community, so that players and fans have direct access to those making the game.

We’ve talked a lot already about how we want to demystify NFTs, blockchain and the DAO system so that this type of Web3 gaming becomes more accessible for players. And having a close and consistent dialogue with the community is a good way to do that.

That said, there is still no pressure for players to acquire NFTs. And community members who don’t will still be hugely valued. It’s more a case of NFTs providing an additional layer of ownership, like an exclusive access area! We also want players to be able to create things within the game that are unique, personal and belong to them. And NFTs solidify that process.

It’s important to note that community driven development is still a managed process. It’s not a case of running large open polls. We’ll be doing lots of creative sanity checks and have all kinds of roadmaps to ensure consistency with the lore we create. But, the community will play a huge role in how the game moves forward.

We also believe the game isn’t just the app you open on your mobile or PC, it’s the entire ecosystem. The fan sites, Discord, YouTube channels, Twitch streams. It’s the community management portal and customer service portals as well as the official website. We must care for — and look after — all of these platforms. We want people writing fan fiction, creating fan art, discussing builds or arguing about strategies! And all of this is the game, which is why community is at the heart of it.

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