Your Say in the Game; How DAO Structures Are Transforming Ownership and Rewards

3 min readJun 17, 2022


We’ve talked a lot about the huge value blockchain brings gamers in terms of true ownership and increased depth of gameplay via ease of coordination and incentive alignment — and how transformative this is.

Our ‘game first’ philosophy means that player experience will always — without exception — come first. It’s the DNA of Emergent Games.

An important component of this “game first” ethos — and one we wish to demystify — are DAOs.

So, what is a DAO?

DAO stands for ‘decentralised autonomous organisation’.

Basically, it’s an organisation that’s designed to be run and governed by a group, in which there is no central authority. The hope is, through token ownership, everyone has a stake in its success. Our ultimate goal for Resurgence, Emergent Games’ inaugural Web 3 MMO, set in a post-apocalyptic world, is to issue a token which grants holders access to the Resurgence DAO. The governance of the game will be determined by its players, enabling unprecedented forms of ownership and control in how the game is run.

But it’s important to note that the term “DAO” and how they are run, are still developing. There’s no real fixed definition of what they are and how they operate, so we are thinking deeply about how to maximise the value for gamers via this structure t. Currently, there is minimal tooling that actually organises and monetises DAOs. But that does mean there’s an opportunity for us to use the current and emerging infrastructure at our disposal and develop something novel and efficient. We want to reward gameplay and participation. Ensuring that there’s a balance of power between those who would typically have a significant influence on governance (whether via ownership of certain NFTs or tokens) and those who play the game regularly, who may not hold large amounts of assets. We are still working out our token structure, but we intend to incorporate rewards within the game, so players have the opportunity to exert authority over in-game governance by being a successful player.

Via the DAO structure, gamers will be able to have a say in the game they love, creating an opportunity for deeper emotional and financial investment, which is one of the major opportunities and upsides of web 3. But, it’s very important to note that many players will come to Resurgence and choose not to actively partake in the DAO structure. We get it, governance is a lot of work!

There will be many gamers who feel strongly that they don’t want their fun to be financially incentivised, and we remain committed to delivering a brilliant experience for them. Another critical aspect of our ‘game first’ philosophy.

It’s part of Emergent Games’ DNA to be inclusive in all the games we make.

What we’re about is giving players the choice, and creating a compelling offer built around ownership for those that decide to take that route.

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