What Are You Actually Minting Tomorrow?!

2 min readAug 19, 2022

The short answer is: Gen 0 Cryotags, but there are so many more exciting details to go over!

Tomorrow, our first NFT collection will drop, which is a collection of 1000 Cryotags offered exclusively via an invite-only free mint. There will also be a limited number available through playing #TheEnd.

In terms of what this NFT will actually do within the game, we’ve got a lot of ideas, some of which will be visible immediately, and others which will be revealed over time. We will also listen to our collectors (you!) to help steer the direction of how these NFTs will operate and the perks they will offer as the game develops .

Cryotag Detailing

What we can promise is that your Cryotags’ utility and purpose will evolve alongside Resurgence’s narrative and are designed to continuously reward early supporters as they embark on their journeys through a post-apocalyptic world.

There are a lot of surprises coming, but we can guarantee that holding a Gen 0 NFT will: — Grant access to private discord groups

- Provide exclusive in-game utility and enhancements

- Create whitelisting for future sales

- Make you eligible for airdrops of future tokens and NFTs

- Allow access to IRL perks including merchandise, events

- And much much more

Are you ready to MINT?

It’s coming soon! So you better be ready…and here are the key dates and times you should know about:

  • Allowlist mint goes live at 24 AUG @ 13:00 GMT/9am EST
  • Allowlist will be open for 72 HOURS…so no need to rush if you’re in a different time zone, we want to leave ample time for everyone to get their NFT

Allowlist checker: confirm your wallet address is on the list and you’re eligible to mint on Wednesday via the website now https://www.resurgence-game.io/




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