The Vander Corp Multi Pass FAQ

2 min readApr 12, 2023

The Vander Corp Multi-Pass is here! And it’s free to mint! Think of it as: an entry badge, POAP, layer one intro ticket.

It’s a way to mark your interest in Resurgence and learn about our world. It is an open mint (for now!) but we’ll be able to track who minted and when. Of course, the earlier you mint, the better. Having a Multi-Pass will have its perks!

As you go through the minting process, you’ll be faced with certain choices that will allow you to learn about the Resurgence lore, and you’ll get a customized pass at the end according to your answers. We want this to be a fun way to learn about our game, and get something in return.

We’re also so excited to announce this will be our first mint on Immutable! As we revealed earlier this year, we’re building our game on their blockchain, and we think this is a perfect opportunity to enter their ecosystem. Their technology allows us to do large scale mints without gas fees, and familiarize gamers who may have not engaged with their ecosystem.

Finally of course, we want our Gen 0 holders to benefit from the Multi Pass as well (you’ll get a special gold version).

The pass will be released on Tuesday, April 11th, during the week of NFT NYC. As an extra bonus if you mint within that week, you’ll receive something special

How to mint:

To mint the pass, users will need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect your chosen wallet and provide an email address
  2. Follow Resurgence game on Twitter
  3. Join Resurgence game Discord server
  4. That’s it! Now you’re eligible to mint.

Note that after minting, it might take up to an hour in Immutable marketplace for the metadata to update properly.

Welcome to our world…which faction will you choose?!




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