What is Freezing?

Freezing is a staking mechanism and your only chance at survival… The world of Resurgence is 1000 years into the future and if you wish to be a part of it, this is step #1.

Freezing is done off chain, the only signing you will need to do is to prove that you own a Gen 0 (it’s an off-chain signature).

Why should I Freeze?

Dominic Vanderbrul created the Genesis Program to save a select few survivors… He knew the world was going to end, but he just didn’t know when.

Holding a Gen 0 means YOU have been chosen. Freezing is central to your survival, as this is the only way your Cryotags are guaranteed to be up to date. Freezing them makes them eligible for IOS and firmware updates..no hacks, no glitches, super necessary.

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What are Virtues?

Virtues are what you will spend to ensure you are set up with everything within the Resurgence ecosystem.

They are only available (for now) through freezing your Gen 0. They are not tradable and are identified via your wallet address.

Upon reaching new tiers, the Cryotag will generate a greater number of points per day and will also accrue a one-time award of bonus points
(see table below). As well as determining virtues/day, other rewards and content will be available to the higher tier Cryotags. If the Cryotag is traded after being unfrozen, any virtues earned from the freezing will remain with the original owner.

Virtues earned from freezing will be used as key items within the game including:

·Survivor Crates

·Survivor Crate Gear

·Genesis Pods

As well as:

·Upgrades to in-game NFTs

·Increased likelihood of rare items

·Early access to game play and sales

How does Freezing Tier and Reward calculations work?

Refer to table below:

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What are Tiers?

They are PERMANENT and inherent to the NFT itself.

A Cryotag that has never been frozen will be at Tier 0. As soon as it is frozen, it will start accruing points and the “Freeze Timer” will begin. Upon reaching each new tier, the Gen 0’s metadata will be automatically updated.

If a Cryotag that has been frozen and then unfrozen is traded, it will be retain its current tier.

Each tier represents a different software update to set you up for safety.

How do I Freeze?

Instructions for Freezing/Unfreezing Your Cryotag:

1) Connect your wallet: to freeze/unfreeze your Cryotag, you will need to connect your wallet to the Resurgence app. Choose your preferred wallet from the list of supported wallets and connect it to the app.

2) Navigate to “My Cryotags:” once your wallet is connected, go to the “My Cryotags” option in the side menu. This will display a list of all the Cryotags you own.

3) Select the Cryotag you want to freeze/unfreeze: choose the Cryotag you want to freeze/unfreeze from the list displayed on the “My Cryotags” page.

4) Click on the freeze/unfreeze button: after selecting your Cryotag, click on the “Freeze” or “Unfreeze” button, depending on the Cryotag’s current state. This will initiate the freezing/unfreezing process.

5) Sign the off-chain message: To complete the freezing/unfreezing process, you will need to sign an off-chain message to prove ownership of the NFT. Follow the instructions displayed on the app to sign the message using your connected wallet.

6) Wait for the process to complete: After signing the off-chain message, wait for the app to complete the freezing/unfreezing process.

7) Verify the status of your Cryotag: Once the process is complete, your Cryotag image and its metadata will update to show it has been frozen/unfrozen successfully.

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