The Making of a First Generation NFT, a piece of art with a hidden story behind it

One of the greatest attributes of Resurgence is its team. A restless group of exceptional creatives who understand what it takes to make an incredible game, as they’ve done it before!

So, we want to introduce producer Adrienn Major, the founder of production house POD London, who helped to create the first generation of Cryotage NFTs for Resurgence, bringing the art team’s concept to life in the most engaging way.

First a bit about the NFTs. We see these as central to the entire ecosystem, and pivotal for the game going forward. They have utility and purpose, and the design reflects this. They can open and have moving parts and technology. People are familiar with the dog-tag shape as well as features such as a USB port.

We’ve given them visual appeal for both gaming and crypto audiences.

So, now a bit about POD LDN.

A relative newcomer to the production scene, Adrienn founded POD LDN a few years ago on the back of seeing the daily struggles of producers in creative agencies. The post house offers a hybrid, on demand service for all its clients’ production needs.

The company now has teams based in London, Dubai, Germany and New York, with a studio in Budapest.

Behind the scenes at POD LDN

Adrienn’s illustrious production career includes working for some of the biggest creative agencies out there: AMV, DDB, WPP, Adam & Eve and BBDO (to name a few). And POD LDN’s impressive line up of work boasts some of the most dynamic brands in the world, including: Samsung, Nike, Waze and Galaxy.

The studio was tremendously excited to run with the brief for Resurgence’s first generation NFT, due to the nature of the game and the clear creative direction from the in-house team.

She says:“We were very lucky to be working with the Resurgence team, who had a very strong idea of what they wanted, and an exceptionally talented concept artist, who brought us the Cryotag design. It was then a case of building on this and producing the 3D image, delivering the highest level of quality for the final creation.”

Adrienn goes on to explain:

“We built it in CGI to the highest specifications, with lots of attention to detail and days of work. We had a number of artists working on it simultaneously. It’s a huge effort that goes into creating these beautiful objects.”

Gen 0 Cryotag NFT 3D modelling work in progress

When asked about the process, Adrienn is quick to praise the strong vision coming from the art directors.

“It was an organic process. We discussed approaches, methods and visual worlds and really got on the same page. We genuinely understood each other. We had such strong direction and immediately got a feel for their style. It was actually a very smooth process.”

When questioned on the best bits about working on Resurgence, Adrienn’s response is emphatic.

“Oh definitely the NFT trailer! We loved the idea of the production line and we were given so much artistic freedom to run with that. The POD LDN team really enjoyed it!”

An early animatic for the Gen 0 Cryotag NFT trailer

For Adrienn and her team, working on this type of game was a bit of a dream come true, which stretched them creatively and artistically.

“A lot of our clients don’t know we’re capable of this level of work. It’s been incredible to work on the NFT and really bring it to life digitally!”

Adrienn is quick to tell us how important collaboration has been in achieving such great results and particularly enjoys working with different types of minds that comprise the wider team.

“The guys are so involved in the world of the game. They have amazing detail on how it works and operates. And they welcomed us in on that. It’s a very exciting subject matter, dark yet hopeful at the same time. It’s mind blowing story telling. How do they come up with all this?!”

Does Adrienn think Resurgence will be a big hit with gamers? Absolutely!

“Gamers are very hot on collectibles. The NFT is a piece of art in its own right. It is the next level. Gamers actually get to own a piece of the game. The compelling thing about the NFT is how it works across the life of the game. It becomes more valuable over time, providing greater access to certain elements..”

She adds: “It’s also a very exciting storyline, with pace and energy, across each of the phases. There are constantly new elements and experiences evolving throughout the player’s journey.”

And what a journey that will be! We can’t wait.

Watch this space for more Resurgence behind the scenes content.

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