The Cryotag Gen 0 is coming…

2 min readAug 19, 2022

It’s 5 days until the mint and we’re ready to go!

We’ve been super thoughtful about how we’ve constructed the allowlist, partnering with NFT collectors and communities whose values we align with.

To us, this looks like groups who prioritise long term building and participation. With that in mind, we extended allowlist invitations and ran contest raffles with some of our favourite projects and DAOs including: Bored Box, Degenz, CPG, Admit One, Pixel Vault, Apelist, The Hootlist, Boys Club, Friends With Benefits, EtherOrcs, Origins … the list goes on and it’s one we’re very proud of.

Detailing on the Gen 0 Cryotag

Even though we’re running an exclusive allowlist, we wanted the mint to be free of charge. This was very important to us. We are prioritising grass roots community building while delivering exceptional gamified web 3 experiences along the way, where early NFT holders get rewarded.

We’re builders, here to make incredible games. Delivering on that promise means taking people on a journey and NFTs are a central part of that process. We are putting the game first. These NFTs are NOT a fundraising mechanism, but rather a community building and storytelling tool.

Blueprints hidden within the ARG — Who is the mysterious Vander Corporation?

The Genesis 0 NFT is what our crypto game will be built around…so we’re confident that the allowlist minters won’t be disappointed!

Allowlist checker: confirm your wallet address is on the list and you’re eligible to mint on Wednesday via the website now

Find out about Cryotag’s Utility here:

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