Roadmap Release: The End is Just Beginning

2 min readJan 21, 2023


Our updated roadmap is here.

It walks you through our release schedule for 2023 and beyond.

We’ve hinted at some of our key drops for a while, but now it’s finally laid out for you (…with some surprises along the way of course!).

First up, we’ll be releasing our blockbuster trailer. It gives you a cinematic glimpse into the world of Resurgence. And that’s not all we’ll be announcing on Thursday👀

The next big event will happen in early February when we launch freezing. This will ONLY be available to Gen 0 Cryotag holders. Engaging in our freezing function will ensure your survival for 2033 and beyond. This also guarantees you’re eligibility for future mints and airdrops going forward, which will be a key factor in your success and experience of the game.

Following this event will be the Gen 1 drop, our biggest launch yet. This has been carefully designed to reward our early supporters (keep freezing!) and also allow new gamers to enter our ecosystem.

Later in the year, we’ll release a game play demo, as well as build up to our Gen 2 and Genesis Pods launch. More details will be provided closer to the drop, but rest assured, these are essential items within game play that will enrich your experience.

Each release will build hype and excitement for Resurgence, while we make sure that we always prioritize storytelling and community building — these always come first. Keep your eyes peeled for all the details and intricacies we’ll be adding to our world, these discoveries will be essential to your survival.

Prepare for The END of the World!




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