Diving into a DeQuest Partnership

2 min readAug 22, 2022

When you come across a special project, you buckle up! DeQuest is exactly this one of a kind project. The global GameFi Hub for the Metaverse — connecting users to games and guilds through innovative, data-centric tools to help them build their web3 reputation and identity. Perfectly aligned with the Resurgence mission, the potential of this collaboration is one that we see lasting well into the future. We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome DeQuest as our latest partnership.

DeQuest is the first platform of its kind for Metaverse users who want to understand game economics, gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and read in-depth research analysis of Play-to-Earn games. A quest-focused platform for both Metaverse projects and users, by implementing a Learn-to-Play-to-Earn model, they acquire the ideal new players for each metaverse game. Users can discover new games or learn skills by fulfilling quests or using new protocols — and get paid for that in crypto as well as enhance their metaverse profile. Projects on board large, targeted audiences through quests and are able to get deep analytics on the user base. This creates an exciting new ecosystem for the metaverse.

The infrastructure and technology that DeQuest have created specifically for metaverse gaming, is a ground-breaking development for GameFi projects. While we at Resurgence have largely focused on growing a loyal and highly engaged community organically; working with DeQuest to curate targeted audiences and take advantage of their deep analytics, will be invaluable.

“Blockbuster Games like Resurgence will be one of the major catalysts driving mass adoption of web3. As a global GameFi Hub we aim to support Resurgence with our tools to build the common vision of a more robust, trustworthy and permission less Metaverse.” Comments Alex Kirchmaiier, of DeQuest

Ian Hambleton, CEO at Resurgence Game comments, “longevity is one of the key features we’re looking for when creating partnerships for Resurgence Game. Their web3 GameFi hub is revolutionary and will be an invaluable addition to blockchain gaming. We look forward to collaborating with DeQuest throughout the advancement of Resurgence Game. The insights they will bring are hugely exciting and we can’t wait to witness and employ the future developments this wildly exciting project is undoubtedly yet to reveal.”

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