Daytona Delivering the Goodwill in our Latest Partnership

2 min readAug 17, 2022

Collaborating with a complete cross section of partners has been a goal of ours since the idea of Resurgence was first formed. Transcending the worlds of web2 and web3 gaming was always going to mean navigating the uncharted course; so making sure we have the right partners to support our mission is imperative. We are delighted to introduce the gaming guild, Daytona as our latest partner to Resurgence.

The world of web3 has so much potential in general, let alone when we’re talking about blockchain gaming. The inclusion of the community, the truly open economy, the actual ownership of in-game assets and the potential to earn revenue, are some of the reasons that the transition of gaming to web3 will be inevitable in the future. Talking of communities and the possibilities of play2earn, Daytona is a guild with a difference. Daytona Gaming Guild is an active community with many scholarships, events and giveaways. Their main goal is to give scholars a fair percentage of their earnings whilst also helping other projects increase their user base.

“We’re pumped to be partnering with Daytona Gaming Guild. Their community is exceptional. The passion they have for web3 gaming is inspiring, they truly are a gaming guild with a difference. We so look forward to collaborating with them as the Resurgence project develops, we believe the insights they and their community can offer will be totally unique.” Comments Resurgence CEO Ian Hambleton.

“Resurgence first came to Daytona at the start of the year, blowing away our Researchers. The developers creating this game come from such high caliber that we are thrilled to be associated. This will take Daytona and it’s community, to the next level of blockchain gaming” comments Jack Buckingham, Founder of Daytona

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