Balthazar join forces with Resurgence

2 min readJul 27, 2022


There is something very unique that happens when two great forces join up. The partnering of Balthazar and Resurgence Game conjures up feelings of great anticipation and excitement at the potential these two projects could together create.

Created in 2021 as the wave of web3 gaming was just in its infancy. Balthazar set about their mission to empower their community of gamers to create a self-sustaining, wealth-building ecosystem. It aims to be the largest DAO in the play2earn space. It’s a community-focused guild for gamers to access play-to-earn games with no upfront cost, supporting a fun and competitive team of players. It also launched a rent-to-earn feature where NFTs can be rented to Balthazar for scholars to use in games. Balthazar supports the guild through social networks, educational resources, as well as training and development around game play.

With a wealth of experience in the web2 world of gaming, equally matched by their experience in web3 and blockchain gaming, the team at Resurgence have only sought to partner with the highest level projects to extend the reach of the game. One of the first on our wish list was Balthazar. Their steadfast commitment to this sector, rock-solid reputation and impressive experience with some of the best names and games in the space shone out.

Balthazar’s vision for the future of web3 gaming and metaverse perfectly aligns with ours at Resurgence. Their pioneering attitude and willingness to tread the untrodden path, is reflected in our Game First philosophy and approach to creating the first AAA web3 game of it’s calibre. We are delighted to be affiliated with such a prominent project and look forward to watching this partnership grow.” comments Ian Hambleton, CEO Emergent Games.

We are thrilled to be partnering with this amazing team. Resurgence Game is set to be an icon of the NFT gaming world. What stood out for us was their incredibly well thought out game narrative and unique user experience” comments Balthazar CEO, John Stefanidis.

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