A New Xperience for Web 3 Gamers: Resurgence Partners with XBorg

3 min readSep 7, 2022

The talent in the GameFi sector truly is exceptional. Not only the teams behind the games, the infrastructure, and the blockchains but the players themselves too. Growing a phenomenal community is hugely important to us at Resurgence. We are aware that even with a unique game concept, storyline, and our game first philosophy we need to guarantee that we are doing everything to appeal to the gamers themselves. Partnering with a project that can assist us in going the extra galactic mile for gamers, in turn, helps showcase just how passionate we are about leading the way in web3 gaming. With this, we are delighted to introduce XBorg as our latest partnership.

XBorg is a next-generation esports organisation that uses blockchain technology to empower players. Going beyond the realms of traditional offerings, XBorg offers players the opportunity to own their own gaming data by tracking in-game statistics and bridging them onto the blockchain, and encourage players to build their “Gaming Digital Identity” or GDI. They achieve this by using Soulbound Tokens (SBTs)to issue Mission Badges as immutable Proof of Play. SBTs are not tradable or transferable, they are collectively used to represent the GDI of a player, and offer its holder access to token-gated communities, exclusive competitions, and esports opportunities.

XBorg also offers players the opportunity to create on-chain esports teams, gaming communities with built-in governance mechanisms , and access to investment opportunities with Initial Team Offerings (ITOs). Players can now invest in, raise funds, create and govern decentralised esports teams and gaming communities.. Decentralised esports teams will be able to sell fractionalised NFT advertising to attract brands and monetise their content. The accumulated profits will be proportionately distributed directly to the players that hold stake in the teams.

Resurgence Game is an AAA MMORPG web3 survival game created by Emergent Games. Emergent Games is a leading metaverse and blockchain games studio that brings together industry veterans from PlayStation, Activision and NCsoft, with blockchain technologists from Pluto Labs. Jargon-free, pick up and play, with true AAA production values, our games will offer the option to play just for fun, or allow players to engage with NFT elements and have earning opportunities. We understand what it takes to make great games and intend to be a leading force for good in Web3 gaming.

Ian Hambleton, CEO at Resurgence Game comments, “the web3 gaming community still has some way to go before reaching the levels of adoption, the likes we see of web2 gamers. We know this time will come and are passionate about playing our part in facilitating it. We are excited to welcome on board XBorg as a partner project. Their expertise is hugely inspiring and we look forward to working with and learning from such a talented team.”

“We are passionate about growing the Web3 gaming industry and empowering the players of tomorrow. Therefore, teaming up with games that are pushing the boundaries like Resurgence, makes sense for us. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game.” Comments Connor Kirsten, XBorg Growth and Partnerships Lead.


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